Tutorial For Revit and Understanding Autodesk Revit

Understanding Autodesk Revit

Tutorial For Revit, – Tutorial for Revit in this day and age is very helpful for the architecture in pouring ideas. So Revit is software that is used to create 3D-based designs and supports the BIM (Building Information Modeling) program. With Revit Autodesk, we can design buildings such as Structure, Architecture to MEP in an integrated manner. In addition to the design, we can use it to create 2D working drawings like we created using Autocad which is also Autodesk’s flagship product.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Autodesk Revit

Advantages of Revit

  • 3D Structure Model Design
  • Design Model of the Architect
  • MEP Installation Design (Mechanical, Electronic, Plumbing)
  • Structure Calculation (Building Strength Analysis)
  • Make volume counts for BoQ needs
  • Schedule and Method

Lack of Revit

  • Limited in Modeling Creations

From some of the points above, we can understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of this software, specifically for the shortcomings of Revit is the lack of modeling creations because we must find a Family model to support the Architect’s design.

Later in the full Indonesian Revit tutorial, we will discuss what is family and so on, the tutorial discussion will be done in stages, and friends can write questions in the comments column if you need another tutorial.

Theory Tutorial for Revit

Some developed countries such as Japan, Singapore, or Australia have already popularized the use of Revit in supporting BIM in the construction world. Many companies have used Revit software for their design needs. So, we will here provide tutorial materials for Revit. The following tutorial material that we will discuss:

  • Revit Structure
  • Tutorials Revit Architecture
  • Tutorials Revit MEP Tutorials Drawing
  • Tutorials Making Work
  • Tutorials Making Schedule Quantity
  • Tutorials Advanced


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This tutorial for Revit discussion, only about the definition of Revit or the introduction of the software first, then some tutorial material that we will discuss in the post will be made periodically. So make sure your friends continue to visit this website to find out the latest tutorials.

The tutorial that I made is based on my own experience, and maybe there will be some tutorials from outside that I made a tutorial reference. That’s all for the opening of the first Revit tutorial, hopefully, it will be useful for all of us, don’t forget to share this article with friends. Thank You


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