How To Install Windows 10 Correctly and Easily

Install Windows 10 Correctly and Easily

how to install Windows 10

How to install Windows 10 with the latest operating system is very easy to do. Windows 10 is suitable for computer users today. This is very reasonable because users feel the difference in comparison with Windows 8. While Windows 7 has not gotten a system update from Microsoft for a long time.

So those are some things that make computer users prefer to use Windows 10 as their PC’s operating system compared to the current version. For those of you who want to install Windows 10 correctly and easily but don’t know how to do it, then please follow the steps below that I have prepared.

1. Important Data Backup Before Installing Windows 10

In the process of installing Windows 10, this will make the data on the computer device will be lost. so the freeware driver recommends doing backups of data that feel important before reinstalling. Especially if you have documents related to your business or current job. A way to be able to be made to store data that has been backed up by an external hard disk, flash drive, or cloud storage like Google Drive.

2. Prepare The Installation File Windows 10

how to install Windows 10

After your files are backed up, then the next step you have to do is prepare the file for the Windows 10 installation process. This file can be obtained on DVD when purchasing a Windows 10 License or you can download the file through the official Microsoft website. Then make Windows 10 bootable using a flash.

Here we have posted a tutorial to make a bootable with a Windows 10 flash disk, you can read it in how to make a bootable Windows 10 with a flash.

3. Set Boot Priority


how to install Windows 10

When the installation file is ready, then the next process is to insert the DVD into the DVD room or flash disk to a PC that will install Windows 10.

Then restart the computer and enter the BIOS and change the boot priority to the DVD room or flash disk that contains the Windows 10 installation file.

When the boot priority has been changed, it’s time to exit the BIOS to restart the computer and continue to the next process.

Attention: When the screen displays the message “press any key to continue”, then press any key on the keyboard to continue.

4. Installation Process


how to install Windows 10

When the computer is on, select the language that you will use later. In addition to choosing a language, also select the time and currency format, and select the keyboard input as desired.

Then press Next to proceed to the next process. Then click the “Install now” button as shown below.

how to install Windows 10

Then you will be asked to enter a Windows 10 license. If you already have a license, then just enter it in the column provided and click “Next”.

If you don’t have a license, then just click “I don’t have a product key”.

how to install Windows 10

There will be 2 choices for installation types, upgrade, and custom. For the clean install process, select Custom.

how to install Windows 10

Then proceed to the next step, make sense to say that this step is quite complicated if you want multiple partitions or hard drives.

At this stage, you must delete the main and system partitions on your computer’s hard disk.

Installation Process 2

When all partitions have been deleted, we next go to the process of creating a new partition by clicking “Unallocated space” and clicking “New”.

Installation Process 3

Then click “Apply” like the picture below.

Installation Process 4

When the new partition is created, the next process of installing Windows 10 is to select the “Primary” drive and then click “Next”.

Installation Process 5

Then the Windows 10 installation process will begin, just wait until the Windows Setup process is complete.

Installation Process 6

Attention: It is recommended to unplug the Flashdisk or remove the DVD from the DVD room before installation until it reaches the “Finishing up” stage. Why? To prevent the computer from repeating the Windows 10 installation process from the start when restarting.

When the Windows Setup process is complete, then restart your computer by clicking “Restart Now”.
Installation Process 7

5. Configure Windows 10


Installation Process 8

If the computer has rebooted, the next process is to do some configuration settings in Windows 10. Select “Use Express Settings” if you want to use the default configuration from Microsoft.

Wait until the process is complete, usually only briefly.

Installation Process 9

6. Create a Windows 10 Account


Installation Process 10

And wait a few moments until the configuration process is finished.

Installation Process 11

And finished, you have successfully installed Windows 10 on the computer. The computer is ready to use.

7. Activation Process

When in the initial stages you haven’t entered a Windows 10 license, then now is the time for you to do the Windows 10 activation process to enjoy full features.

You can read the Windows 10 activation tutorial in our article: How to Activate Windows 10.

8. Reset Boot Priority

Then the last step you need to do is restore the boot priority from the flash disk or DVD room that was previously changed in step 3.

The method is the same as stage 3, you just need to restore boot priority to the internal hard disk where Windows 10 is installed.

It’s easy, right? If you have trouble practicing how to install Windows 10 above, then just ask via the comments column below.


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